A passionate curiosity about science and spirituality underpin the themes and concerns within Lock’s practice. He explores the use of symbolic imagery related to these two colossal subjects. Science-Fiction and Fantasy literature regularly inform a research base for his practice. The authors that inspire Lock range from Octavia E. Butler to Ursula Le Guin, amongst many others. He is drawn to writers that explore issues related to both humanistic and other worldly ideas. 

Lock predominately works with animation and often sets up psychedelic and mesmerising scenes that merge playfully into one another. In parallel, his practice draws on the type of imagery used in children's story books and T.V. shows. He utilises the colourful and pop aesthetics associated with this area of culture, combining low-fi 2D aesthetics with digital media.

The audio-visual relationships that develop within Lock’s work range from being meditative to whimsical. He regularly collaborates with musicians and sound artists that enjoy exploring how rhythm and pace can be applied to a visual context. These discursive relationships create a space for exploring emotive arcs that ebb and flow in narrative compositions. 



Whitechapel Gallery presents Nocturnal Creatures, Broadgate, Finsbury Square, London - Performance with Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome, Manuela Barczweski, Rudi Schmidt, ES Morgan, Monsur Mansoor and Josefina Camus.

After Mint #1, Docs, Paris – Screening curated by After Mint.

London Open Live, Whitechapel Gallery, London - Performance with Tom Richards.

London Open 2018, Whitechapel Gallery, London – Exhibition.

Zone Pélagique, Cafe Oto, London – Performance with Tom Richards.

La respiration des yeux dans le cadre, De Bond, Bruges, Belgium – Exhibition.


Maximum Overdrive Live, Focal Point Gallery, Southend – Performances with Manuela Barczweski, Rudi Schmidt and Tom Richards.

Maximum Overdrive, Focal Point Gallery, Southend – Exhibition.

Before Chaos, St Johns Church, London. Screening curated by videoclub.

Multiplexing ii, Cineworld, Glasgow. Lux Associate Artists Programme exhibition in conjunction with Ian White book launch.


Buenos Caos programme, Atom, Beunos Aires, Argentina. Screening curated by videoclub,


Selected V, U.K. Touring screening programme selected by Jarman Award nominees with videoclub and FLAMIN.

DigitalDisco, The Showroom, London. Screening curated by Shama Kanna.

Le Fresnoy, mémoire de l'imagination, Bibliothèque nationale de France - François-Mitterrand, Paris. Exhibition.

Paysage, Corps : Contemplation, LUX Scène Nationale de Valence, France. Exhibition.


Multiplexing, Peckhamplex, London. Lux Associate Artists Programme exhibition.

Y es-tu?, Institut Français, Yokohama, Japan. Exhibition.


Collectif Jeune Cinema Film Festival, Paris. Screening.

Salient, The Dye House, Art Licks exhibition, London. Exhibition with Twelve Around One Gallery.

Auditorium, Limbo, Margate. Exhibition with Pavilion.

Performing Architecture, Tate Britain, London. Late at the Tate event/installation curated by The Architecture Foundation.


A Programming Language, PAMI, London. Exhibition.

Auditorium, Dilston Grove, London. Exhibition with Pavilion.

Scratch the Surplus, Deptford X, London. Screening/installation curated by ReWind.

Responsive Eyes, Jacob’s Island, London. Exhibition curated by Francesca Gavin.


Channel, 21st Century, Chisenhale Gallery, London. Screening and panel discussion.

Breaking Points, Past Vyner Street, London. Solo exhibition.

City Sonic #9, Mons, Belgium. Exhibition.


Panorama 12, Le FresnoySoft Machine, Tourcoing, France. Exhibition.

Common Ground, Aurora Film Festival, Norwich. Screening and artist led workshop at Outpost gallery.


The Filmic Conventions, Zoo Art Fair & FormContent, London. Exhibition.

Un Archipel D’expériences, Panorama 11, Le Fresnoy, Tourcoing, France. Exhibition.


Lux Associate Artists Programme, Lux, London, 2012 – 13.

M.A. Cinema and Visual Arts/Digital Creation, Le Fresnoy Studio National des Arts Contemporains, France, 2008 – 10.

B.A. (Hons) Fine Art, Byam Shaw Central Saint Martins, London, 2004 – 07.